~Q&A ~

Taking pre-wedding photograph is one thing that newlywed couple look forward to. However, from making a reservation, choosing wedding gowns/suits, the photo-shoot to post-production, there are a lot of details need to find out, and this would be the first time experience for most of the couples. The following is the Q & A of our photo-shoot flow path. We hope all the couples could be more clear about the details and would be satisfied of our photo-shoot service 

KaFu Wedding Photography is an UK based wedding photography company. We have our own studio in London. We have no other agencies or branches in China or in other places. If you would like to make a reservation, please contact us directly. 

How to make a reservation for photo-shoot? 

Firstly, you need to choose a date and package for the photo-shoot. If the chosen date is available in our schedule, you will have make a deposit to reserve the date. After the receipt of the deposit, we will send an invoice to you to reconfirm all the photo-shoot details. 


Need to choose the wedding dress/suit in advance? 

You could choose the wedding gown/suit 1-2 days in advance before the photo-shoot normally (or one week in advance). Once you have make a photo-shoot reservation, you can make a booking to do the fitting in our studio. For those couples who are tight with time, you could come to our studio an hour earlier on the photo-shoot day. 


Who can speak Chinese in the photography team? 

Our photography team all are Chinese based in UK, we can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English. 


The flow path on the photo-shoot day? 

On the photo-shoot day, we will usually start doing the make-up at 10:00 am (12:00 noon in summer) in our studio. After the make-up session, you will be coming with us to the attractions for photo-shoot. We will provide makeup artist, photographer and driver at your service the whole day. For changing of clothing and hairdo, it will be done on the car. 


When we can receive the photographs and videos? 

We will send a link to you for you to download the raw photos in 3-7 days after the photo- shoot. We will upload the raw files to Dropbox or Baidu and send you the link.Once you receive the link, you could download the files and choose the photos. You may send the file names/numbers and particular requests (for retouch) of the chosen photos to us. The retouched photos will take up around 4-6 weeks to process. The retouched photos will be also uploaded to Dropbox or Baidu for you to download. 

If you have any other questions of the retouched photos/videos, you could contact our post-production team.Post-production team's contact: weddingphotouk@hotmail.com Or WeChat: kafuphoto- booking 


Are the resolution of the photos and equipments enough for enlargement? 

The cameras which we are using is 5D Mark 4 up to 3200 megapixel or Sony A7R up to 4000 megapixel It will not be problem even it has to be enlarged to 1-2 floors-height. In general, the size of the photos is 4242 x 6363 and around 10-20 MB in JPG format. 



What if the weather is not good on photo-shoot day? 

The weather of London can change variable but it is mainly showers which will not affect the photo-shoot. The rainfall in summer is little and there is nothing to worry about. However, it is suggested that the couple to check the weather forecast 3 days before the photo-shoot. If the weather is really bad and you wanted to change to another day, you could change to the latest day which is available on our schedule. 



Anything needs to be prepared for photo-shoot? 

For grooms, please prepare a pair of leather shoes in Black or White (you could also borrow from our studio if you do not have one). For brides, please prepare one set of nude-bra and high heel shoes for photo-shoot (The shoes will be seen if you have chosen a short wedding dress; but if the chosen wedding dress is long enough to cover the feet, the bride can choose to wear shoes (such as trainer or flat shoes) which is more comfort. 



Will the size of the wedding gowns/suits fit for us? 

We have about 60 wedding dresses in white and 50 gowns in different colors; 80 suits in color Black, White, Grey, Blue, Gold and Plaid/Check in our studio. There are a variety of styles of our wedding gown, for example,. 


What if I do not know how to pose during the photo-shoot? 

Our photography team and photographer will guide you for the pose, so there nothing to be worried. If the pose is with more movements like run or jump, this will depend on the effort of the couples.We suggest the couples could take some practice before the photo-shoot, this can help to get in the mood on the day when we take the photos. 



What is the making-of short film? What is the difference with short film proposal? 

Making-of short film is behind-the-scene, which is the process of your pre-wedding photo-shoot. We will use HD camera to shoot some behind-the scene and details, then edit it into a video with music. You could also choose to add voice-over to tell your story. 

Short film proposal is a video which shot in cinematic style. We will create a story synopsis and script which based on your story. We will shoot the short film by using the script and dialogues. For short film proposal, we will shoot with 2-3 cameras from different angles. We will also use mini dolly and camera stabilizer, etc for shooting the short film. 



Can we choose the song or background music for the video or MTV? 

Yes, you can choose to use the music or song that you want to use and the files to us via email. If you have no special request for the music, out post-production colleagues will choose the music for you. 



Can we wear our own clothing? 

Yes, you can prepare one set of causal wear or others for all our package if you want to.。 



Is there any extra charge? 

No, unless you wanted to add an extra gowns/suits or to take the photos in other locations which are not mentioned in the booked package, then there will be an extra charge. 


How to pay the balance of the payment? 

The balance of the payment need to be paid on the photo-shoot day. You can choose to pay in cash (British Pound), PayPal, Online Bank Transfer or Debit/Credit Card (There will be 2.5% handling fee by the card company). If you choose to pay in RMB, HKD or TWD, we will use the currency exchange rate on the day when you make the payment.