KaFu Wedding Photography UK is a creative wedding photography company. Having our own studio and photography&make-up team in London, we provide photography services mainly in London as well as various countries in Europe.

Over the decade since establishment, we have been recording perfect memories for our clients with professional and serious attitude which has brought us so much recognition and success. Our studio is located in London. We possess an experienced professional wedding photography and post-production team to provide a range of services including wedding photography, videography and MTV production etc. To cater for the needs of our clients, we also engage in bespoke church wedding in the UK, while providing on-site photography services in cities in Europe, covering Paris, Greece, Prague, Barcelona, Venice and Budapest etc.



KaFu Wedding Photography UK is an innovative and vibrant wedding photography studio. Getting married is one of the most important moments in life. We understand that clients do have their own expectations and requirements. Therefore, we focus on communication while striving for the best quality with a view to produce the most suitable works for our clients. In respects of wedding planning, we are happy to provide advice and tailor-made photography packages so as to let the wedding couples fully enjoy their precious moment.


All of our photographers are members of the Wedding Photojournalist Association. They have won acclaims for their expertise, equipment, and great working attitude. In terms of makeup and styling, wedding couples will indulge in the perfect fantasy and romance with our hand-picked wedding gowns and accessories, along with professional makeup services for elegant and fashionable styling.

KaFu Wedding Package offers on-site shooting services at different attractions in London, such as the iconic feature St. Paul's Cathedral, the world-famous Tower Bridge, the Big Ben sit alongside in the Thames River, and the fancy night scene of London Eye. You can have all in your unique and charming wedding memories.


We know that many clients may have their first experience of hiring professional photographers and they probably have different concerns and questions. Our charges and packages are simple and clear, and there are no additional fees. We aim to capture the most touching and true moments of each client and create an exclusive, romantic piece of memory.


Europe is a mysterious place as it mingles with different cultures and has a long history.  Every country has its own intriguing parts. You will be so impressed by the architecture and culture as well as cuisine. Our team is experienced in the on-site wedding photography in Europe, we are happy to share the fun and experience with you.